Your bench press

Your bench press
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More than just a calculator that calculates your maximum in this exercise, known as the bench press.This is a handy tool that will help you build your exercise routine on the press and constant progress in this movement.Two maximum calculator, one for the bench press and universal, for any exercise with weights. All the information at once on a single screen.Built-in calculators Wilks( Wilks) and Glossbrennera( Glossbrenner) help evaluate absolute power output regardless of weight classes. __ 9_ __ 10_ __ 11_ __ 12_ __ 13_ __ 14_ __ 15_ __ 16_ Using the app you can: find out your limit maximum in the bench, based on workers' weights, get the values ​​of the weights that you can do on a different number of repeats( 1 to 10), to obtain a breakdown of weighton percentages for training in powerlifting and bodybuilding. With universal calculator, you can estimate your maximum in absolutely any exercise with weights, it does not matter, it's boom or dumbbells. Many programs on a press lying painted as a percentage of the maximum result.This app will show you just how much weight you want to use( from 40% to 110% of the calculation).

Are built and constantly updated popular training programs: 16 weeks
5 /3/ 1 J. Wendler
Abbreviated preparatory B.I.Sheyko plan
Bench by T. Arsidi
Bench by R. Whaley
Peak.cycle Verkhoshansky
Bench on Muravevu
Bench on Surovetskomu

Integrated table standards Bench Press in gear and without for all popular powerlifting federation( WPC, WPA, IPA). Integrated calendar of competitions in powerlifting and bench press. Integrated calculator formula Wilks coefficients. During the competition Wilks used a calculator to determine the overall winner. Integrated calculator formula Glossbrenner coefficients. During the competition Glossbrennera used a calculator to determine the overall winner.

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