OS: Android 1.6
Category: Health

WomanCyc - it's calendar application, where you can celebrate:
- days of menstruation( without notes or additional notes about intensity discharge);
- Sexual intercourse( unmarked or marked "safe sex", "unsafe sex");
- The adoption of tablets( useful for those who use oral contraceptives, which, as a rule, need to be taken once a day);
- And you can make small notes.Provided interface quickly insert notes, repeated day after day.

Application Features:

- The application is suitable for women with regular and irregular menses.

- The application does not impose any restrictions on the length of the cycle and the actual duration of menstruation.You can edit all calendar days( in the future), the application will work correctly.

- Every day cycle is numbered in order, starting from the first day of menstruation.You can estimate how many days are left until the next menstrual period or number of days delay lasts.If your period does not come in time, the numbering of the days will continue.

- Set or the average length of the cycle.The duration of the current( predicted) cycle can be predetermined or calculated on the basis of the length of previous cycles( for maximum correctness of calculation takes into account not more than the last three cycles, the duration of which does not exceed 60 days).To edit these settings, press "Menu" button on your device and select "Settings."

- The calculation of fertile and infertile periods is not performed.

Interface features:

- make a long press( with the one-mode) to edit the calendar cells;
- Navigation through the calendar by pressing "next / previous month / day," the ability to go to a specific date;

- Interface is austere, minimalist, are available two themes - dark and light;
- One Pane or two-panel modes depending on the size and orientation of the screen.

Additional features:

- Statistics on cycles.
- Export and import of data.
- Password to run the application.
- Widget.

Functions are implemented with maximum flexibility.For more information, see the application help( "Menu" button device, the "Help" menu). Applications can use adolescent girls, women and men is following her friend's cycle.

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