Woman Calendar 3.0

Woman Calendar 3.0
OS: Android 1.6
Category: Health

"Women's Calendar" - is a program to predict the dates with low and high probability of pregnancy, menstrual cycles start days, the estimated date of birth, sex of the child, as well as the date of conception for the desired date of birth, sex of the child and sign of the zodiac.

Forecast results can be used for conception planning, or, conversely, to prevent unintended pregnancy.The calendar can also be used for more effective reception of contraceptives.

The calendar is based on several methods of calculation: calendar, temperature, cervical( *) and Symptothermal( *).With proper and timely conduct of the calendar, regular cycles and no health problems reached the highest degree of reliability calculations, incomparable with any of the existing similar programs.

Key and unique features:
- 8 years experience in creating similar programs for different platforms( for more details - on our website);
- Inspirer and author of the calculation algorithms in the program - a female gynecologist( Eve, responds to our forum);
- The exact calculation of all such areas of the programs;
- The possibility of calculations with irregular cycles( just mark the beginning of the month on the calendar, the program does the rest);
- Based ovulation, probability and sex of the child is used as the calendar method, and the temperature and other data marked;.
- Calculation of birth date of conception and conception date of birth date, gender, and the sign of the zodiac;
- The number of months and the screen vertically and horizontally can be customized according to your wishes and possibilities of the device;
- Comfortable, smooth and fast navigation through the calendar by using the scroll in all directions regardless of the orientation of the screen;
- Color display and many elements can be changed;
- Data synchronization with the PC version;
- A serious program, it lacks the glamor and other decorations.

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