Shadow fight Ninja Runner 2D

Shadow fight Ninja Runner 2D
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Arcade
Tags: sensory

Shadow fight Ninja Runner 2D - is an application for Android.It has extremely low popularity, so updates and patches are issued very rarely. Application tells about the interesting life of a ninja who constantly trained as befits the dark night. Developed by Neonfletch.


decoration, created in the Japanese style.Quality sauntrek will accompany the player.Straightforward controls.Ninja can endlessly surf.Optimization.Randomnogeniruemye platform. .

important feature, now you do not lose points earned as the game supports synchronization with Google account. Main contingent - a younger group of users, but also adults interested in the game, for example, if he needs to spend a couple of minutes of time.No cost and no deficiencies such as: hang on some devices and bugs.

Play easy!

Swipe your finger across the screen to make the jump.Do not miss the scope, if you want to earn a rating, which can then be compared with records Ninja friends.

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