Rus-Eng Phrasebook LITE

Rus-Eng Phrasebook LITE
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Translators

Russian-English phrasebook tourist Lite - one of the best phrasebooks for Android is designed for users who have a basic knowledge of English and for those who English is not owned, for use in all trips and travels and to learn English with the help ofcarefully chosen phrases, phrases and thematic words, divided into fifteen major and seven additional topics.

With Russian-English phrasebook tourist from overseas, you will be able to make purchases in stores, book a room at the hotel, learn all about the necessary you transport, buy the necessary tickets, book tours, rent a car and just hang out with the country's populationstay.Those who possess basic knowledge of English, a tourist phrase book will help you remember and learn the most frequently used and necessary tourist English phrases and words.For those who does not speak English, Russian phrasebook is provided with a transcription and voice playback of all English words and phrases.

To phrase that has a large database of phrases is essential to have advanced search features to instantly find information on the Russian and English languages, even for synonyms search words.The "Favorites" allows you to keep a phrase selected by the user is always "at hand".

Main unique features:
• A pleasant and friendly user interface is completely in Russian;
• In total more than 1,400 phrases and words and phrases related to all sorts of situations, translated from Russian into English and provided with transcription and Russian accents;
• Voice playback of English words and phrases via TextToSpeech engine;
• Thematic sections and phrases selected for use in tourist trips;
• Fifteen major topics are optimized for fast selection of phrases that are required in the process of communication and language learning;
• Bonus section "idioms" - phrases decorating and enriching the language;
• Seven additional sections for quick access to frequently used phrases and words: common phrases, colors, numbers, dates, times, units, pronouns;
• The main sections are connected subsections related words and phrases;
• The "favorites" - for the most important phrases selected by the user;
• Search function words and phrases to search for synonyms organized in Russian and English languages, which allows to translate from English labels, ads, road signs, tourist information, etc.;
• Fully off-line Phrasebook - does not require Internet connection that allows you to save on international roaming;
• The application is optimized to run on smartphones with any size screen and tablet computers.

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