N.O.V.A.3: Freedom

N.O.V.A.3: Freedom - One of the most exciting space shooter now on your android devaysakh!You will have to fight to the death for the survival of the whole species - mankind!It's only been four months since Cal defeated Volteritami, President Folsom was killed and precipitated colony passed under the protectorate Volteritov.Since then, Cal was hiding in the most remote corners of the galaxy, but the message from Elena made him return to Earth. ..

  • epic storyline: Humanity return to Earth after years of wandering
  • Try different weapons and skills: running, shooting, vehicle control, flying fur.
  • Play 7 network mode for 12 players.
  • allies can sit down for the first time in the same vehicle as you are, and to participate in the battle.

Russian language: yes
Internet: required for the first run

- Fixed some minor problems.

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Total: 1126
cache to N.O.V.A. game3: Freedom: from the archive folder to unpack /sdcard/Android/obb/
- should get so /sdcard/Android/obb/com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftNAHM/
- decompressed cache size 1.57 GB
- install apk, run the game!
22 Jul8030


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