Glasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Coma Scale
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Health

Evaluation level of consciousness on the Glasgow coma scale of 3 touches, the minimum size of the application.Proper support of devices with different screen sizes( including tablets).

Scale for assessing the degree of impaired consciousness and coma children over 4 years and adults.The scale was published in 1974 by Graham and BJ Tizdeylom. Jennette, professor of neurosurgery at the Institute of Neurological Sciences, University of Glasgow.

Scale consists of three tests that assess the reaction of opening the eye( E), as well as speech( V) and motor( M) reaction.For each test is charged a certain amount of points.The test eye opening of 1 to 4, in the test speech reactions 1 to 5, and in the test on motor reactions 1 to 6 points.Thus, the minimum number of points - 3( deep coma), the maximum - 15( clear mind).

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