Dr.Web Launcher (beta)

Dr.Web Launcher (beta)
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Antivirus
Tags: widget

Dr.Web Launcher - a secure interface designed specifically for mobile devices running Android ™ operating system.It allows you to protect your mobile device users from using part of the application installed on it, as well as from unwanted viewing of web resources.

Use Dr.Web Launcher provides you with the following benefits:
• creating a list of available applications for each user of the mobile device;
• Easily switch between users;
• Add widgets, providing quick access to device features and applications installed on it;
• use special Dr.Web secure browser;
• protection against unwanted Internet resources by blocking users' access to different categories of non-recommended to view and potentially dangerous web sites( known sources of viruses, gambling, drugs, social networks, terrorism, adult sites, etc.).

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10 Apr110


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