DashClock VKontakte

DashClock VKontakte
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Widgets
Tags: online, widget

Developers decided to go ahead and create a set of extensions to DachKlok widget to use them quickly each could perform a number of specific actions.The good news is that by expanding and are compatible with other similar widgets.

With such an additional application on the Android system, users on the network can quickly see on the screen of your device at the same time display of multiple unread chats and instant text messages Vkontakte, not to miss any important event or news.They can be displayed only when the device is connected to the Internet.

Application will not be displayed on the screen if all urgent messages and dialogues have already read.In this version of the widget contains some interesting additions: 1) you can add friends at any time;2) post comments and create dialogues;3) put the Huskies for your favorite photos, music and video recordings.

Note that there are also negative aspects.For example, not all owners of smartphones on the device can install this extension due to their technical characteristics.Some hang out, and it will pop up a notification that your phone restarts.

Perform some additional steps to set the latest version of the Android system on the lock screen, users can see the widget in a twisted form.On the cache it will affect the fact that it takes a certain amount of their volumes.

You dreamed that this application has become even more user-friendly?You will interfere with the language barrier in communicating with friends and colleagues?Developer and tried to take into account all your requests and wishes, so create an updated, through which you can quickly switch from English into your native language.

Download Embellishments DashClock VKontakte on android for free

12 Mar270


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