360 Security Lite

360 Security Lite
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Antivirus

360 Security Lite - is a program designed for Android devices such that the memory does not exceed 1 GB;it makes them more "agile" and reduces battery consumption.The main feature of danogo can be called that are designed for the device again with nebotlshim memory.


exclusivity;Intelligent saving battery power, ie applications that consume a lot of energy, identified and closed;troubleshoot "hangs" and "inhibition";delete the file of garbage;detection of large files with information for their removal;multilevel protection from viruses;full scan take only 6 seconds of your time.

If your phone find it difficult to cope with their problems( does not remove the video, running slow, etc.), the 360 ​​Security Light - you just need a lighter.The application will replace the anti-virus program, anti-advertising, it saves memory and battery power.However, it can be set only weak devices.


I'm having problems uploading a photo to your android if that helps me this program?

Likely yes, because with its help you can clear the cache, then there will be room for your files.

Download Programs 360 Security Lite on android for free

16 Apr170


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