OS: Android 2.2
Category: Rpg

bagel - quite a popular game genre, known for a fairly complex rules and gameplay.1Quest for Android developers is the classic bagel several revised approach to the complexity of the gameplay and significantly simplify the passage.
The game's plot develops in a fantasy world where settled a bloody cult, unwilling to return to the demon world, but to complete the ritual they need blood firstborn, but no one knows who it is.The cult starts to steal all children with a specific date of birth and carry out the ritual.Your task is to save the children and save the kingdom from certain gibeli.1Quest made in the style of old-school games of the early 90-ies, the developers have kept all the characteristic features of the genre and thus considerably facilitated the passage that no doubt will attract quite a few new players.For hardcore fans of the passage there is a choice of difficulty levels, where the old school players will be able to show all their experience and knowledge.

Russian language: no

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